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The Photion Circle is an educational endeavor, open to all. It meets once a month in the Monastery trapeza. It is patterned after the activities of Saint Photios the Great, who was an important intellectual and literary figure of the second half of the ninth century. His education was described as unsurpassed, and he devoted much of his time to educating others, one of his famous pupils being Saint Cyril, enlightener-of-the-Slavs.

Saint Photios had a large library consisting of a broad range of subjects. From it, he recommended reading, made the books accessible, and gave his opinions on the texts. Prior to becoming Patriarch of Constantinople, he conducted a reading group at his home, where a circle of friends gathered regularly to read aloud both secular and religious literature.

At the urging of his friends, Saint Photios authored an encyclopedia entitled Bibliotheke, in which he summarized both religious and secular literature found in his library. He also wrote numerous works defending the Faith, exposing heresies, explaining Holy Scripture, and on other topics.

Through The Photion Circle, Saint Nicholas Monastery strives to emulate the virtues and activities of Saint Photios and his circle of friends. 

 Schemanun Theodora-Amphilochia fell asleep in the Lord on Tuesday, March 31,2015.    

Reading Room

Father Deacon Christophe Lepoutre


Beyond Technical Sobriety
Acquiring Emotional
& Spiritual Sobriety

by Father Christophe Lepoutre
Pastoral Counselor, MS

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