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Katherine Alderson was a reference librarian and bibliographer/analyst for the United States Congress, working in the prestigious Library of Congress for more than two decades.



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She specialized in the areas of science, economics, and public welfare issues. Her tenure also includes work as reference librarian in public libraries in Colorado and Virginia. She has extensive experience in collection development, internet research, and production of resource guides and bibliographies. She is also skilled at locating difficult-to-find items, as well as providing current awareness materials.


A graduate of the University of Denver, she holds a Master’s Degree in Library Science, with an undergraduate degree in Botany/Chemistry from the University of Arizona. Additionally, she has advanced certificates in the library specialties of cataloging and copy cataloging, Resource Description and Access (RDA), book repair, a/v cataloging, copyright law, eGovernment resources, and is knowledgeable about Lyrasis’ new Mass Digitization Collaborative project which is bringing information to the internet that otherwise might not be available. She is the Saint Nicholas Monastery’s representative to the Southwest Florida Library Network (SWFLN).

A resident of Cape Coral, Florida, Katherine is an Orthodox Christian, and is a member of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

Katherine serves as the primary librarian, developing and maintaining the collection, answering reference questions, identifying and acquiring new materials, developing needed educational materials, and working with the webmaster to add content to our web site.

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Linda Dunn is an alumna of Edgecliff College/Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio; of Florida State University in Gainesville, Florida; and of Hodges University in Fort Myers, Florida.  She holds a Master’s Degree of Science in Library and Information Studies, with undergraduate work in Interdisciplinary Studies. She also earned an Association Montessori Internationale Diploma from the Southern Montessori Institute in Miami, Florida.

Linda worked as a teacher, with a particular focus on children with disabilities. Her experience with designing educational displays in the public school system brought her into contact with the field of Library Science, in which she has now worked for nearly two decades. She has been with the Lee County Library System for half of that time. Linda took a special interest in book mending, in which she continues to pursue advanced studies. As a result, she has been of great assistance to the Archimandrite John Memorial Library in restoration and preservation of many of its older texts and materials.

Linda is a member of the Lee County and Ohio Genealogical Societies, and of the Southwest Florida Library Network (SWFLN).

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 Schemanun Theodora-Amphilochia fell asleep in the Lord on Tuesday, March 31,2015.    

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Father Deacon Christophe Lepoutre


Beyond Technical Sobriety
Acquiring Emotional
& Spiritual Sobriety

by Father Christophe Lepoutre
Pastoral Counselor, MS

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