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Saint Nicholas Monastery is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donations are tax-deductible as permitted by IRS regulations.


You may make a one-time donation, or if you are able, would you consider making an ongoing monthly commitment to assist the Monastery?


You may also commemorate someone's important occasion, such as a wedding, baptism, birthday, or name-day. Gifts may also be made in memory of the reposed. We will send acknowledgment of your contribution to you and to the person you specify to receive the notice. If you would like us to notify someone of your gift, please provide us with their name and address.


Other types of donations, such as tangible property, automobiles, boats, and similar items, are also welcome. We have a network of dedicated volunteers in many businesses who will assist us in selling these items, that the proceeds may go to the Monastery.


Would you like to make a gift that continues to provide you with income? One of the pilgrims who worships at our Monastery, Mike Strickland, is a financial specialist who has offered to donate his time and knowledge to anyone who would like to assist Saint Nicholas Monastery through their charitable planning. At the same time, he will help you to achieve your financial goals, to save on taxes in the process, and to provide gifts to the Monastery without disinheriting your family. 

You may explore Mike’s website and watch some videos from his satisfied clients.  Click on the link below:

You may either contact him directly at 239-281-8657 or you can email him at and indicate you are wanting to assist the Monastery, or you may contact the monastery and we will have him contact you.

If you have questions about donations, please email us at:

Some needs of the Monastery

100% pure olive oil for vigil lamps

Roof replaced on woodshed due to severe leaking.

Weed Fabric

 Cabinets with stainless counter tops for trapeza kitchen

Handyman for several days

Lit glass display case for the new bookstore.

  Large stainless steel side by side refrigerator for Trapeza

 LED 2 watt dimmable candle bulbs frosted.  Need around 60 for Trapeza.  Please see Mother Andrea for details. 

 Volunteers for grounds improvement.


 Schemanun Theodora-Amphilochia fell asleep in the Lord on Tuesday, March 31,2015.    

Reading Room

Father Deacon Christophe Lepoutre


Beyond Technical Sobriety
Acquiring Emotional
& Spiritual Sobriety

by Father Christophe Lepoutre
Pastoral Counselor, MS

Please click here for article.